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I believe that being a child care provider is an extremely important profession.  My most important goal is to nurture a strong sense of self-esteem in the children entrusted in my care.  When we nurture self-respect in the children we encounter in our daily lives, we do a great service not only to these children as individuals, but to society as a whole.

I am licensed, and teacher certified by the City of Boise for the past 28 years.  I am also First Aid and CPR certified.  I continue to refresh my Education on a yearly basis by attending many Child Education Training Seminars.

Advantages of a Home Daycare  include-

* One-on-one-care - This is especially important for the first year of your baby's life.

*Established care - Unless some unforeseen circumstance arise you can depend on your daycare provider to be there.

*Personal Relationship - Even if you don't know your daycare provider personally, you will soon. She will be more likely to give you more of a play by play version of your child's day and develop a bond with your child.

*Limited number of kids -Home daycares typically only have a small number of children to care for, limiting your childs exposure to illness and providing more attention to each child.

*Your child is cared for and taught by a trained childcare professional who is usually a mother as well.

*Your child has the same caregiver all day, every day.  And there is one person who knows exactly what you child has done, eaten, etc. throughout the day.

* The ratio of children per caregiver is much lower in a childcare home than at a daycare center.

*You and your child are treated as part of the family in a childcare home rather than being just another number in a large Center.

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