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Children who listen to good picture books can increase their vocabulary to 4,000-12,000 words per year.

Developmental Skills

Helping your young child get ready to read with early learning literacy skills. These skills serve as a foundation for learning to read and write.

Narrative Skills - tell stories together, encourage your child to be a storyteller.
Being able to tell or retell a story helps children understand what they read.

Vocabulary - Teach your child specific names of things, like Fruits & vegetables at the grocery store.
The more words children hear and understand, the more ready they will be to read on their own.

Phonological Awareness - Share rhymes, sing songs, play games. Researchers believe children who know at least six rhymes by the time they are six are more likely to become better readers.

Print Motivation - Print motivation is a child's interest & enjoyment of books. Children who enjoy books will want to learn how to read.

Letter Knowledge - help you child identify the first letter in their name and find it in books, street signs, and labels.

Print Awareness - helping a child discover how to hold a book and turn the pages.

How we read to a child makes a difference.
To get children involved researchers have deveolped a method called Dialogic reading or shared reading. 
This method involves the children & adults having a conversation about a book.
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